Ibaraki JETs

Welcome to the Ibaraki JETs website for 2022 – 2023! Here you’ll find a variety of resources to help you live healthily and happily in Ibaraki during your time in JET.

Ibaraki AJET

Please navigate to one of the following pages for more information.

Life Guides

These include formal handbooks published by the Ibaraki Board of Education, as well as foreigners’ handbooks, printable forms, pension advice, tax advice, and general advice for new JETs.


Contains information about our Trello account, which we use to share lesson plans. You can also find information regarding the various ALT events, such as training sessions and volunteer opportunities.

Health and Safety

Everything you need to know about staying healthy and safe. Includes guides on how to navigate the healthcare system in Japan, as well as a map of recommended clinics in the prefecture and contact information for counseling services. Also contains handbooks on disaster preparedness.


Travel suggestions and recreational activities within Ibaraki. Includes things like famous sightseeing spots and the best places to hike, camp, and ride your bike.


Information about our prefectural AJET chapter.


Our Prefectural Advisors (PA) page. The Ask PAs page contains a record of advice given by PAs since 2015 about a range of topics. The Other Resources page has links not listed elsewhere on the site that you might find helpful.