Autumn ALT Meeting 2012 Recap

Thank you, everyone for attending the 2012 Autumn ALT Meeting last Wednesday at the Mito City International Association (水戸市国際交流センター). We hope that it was an informative and educational experience for all of the JETs involved.

For all of the ALTs that were not present during the morning session or anyone else wishing to have a quick review of the materials, the three presentations’ slideshows and teaching materials are now available in the Presentations page.

We have also finalized the group list for the upcoming ALT Skills Development Conference (SDC) this November 21st at the Prefectural Office (茨城県庁). If you have any questions about your roles during each workshop, please feel free to contact one of the Prefectural Advisors.

A job well done to each group for coming up with specific, discussion-oriented questions for the JTEs to answer. More information will be made available as the conference draws nearer. In the meantime, please make sure with your supervisors that the appropriate paperwork has reached your base school or local board of education.


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