Changing Your Period of Stay or Residency Status

For those of you who are either leaving or staying past the period of stay indicated on your passport (after three years for first-time renewals or each year thereafter), there are now fillable PDF documents available for you to complete. Click below to download.

Note that you will get the official paperwork from your contracting organization some time in April or May to be completed and submitted before the end of July or the start of August (depending on when you first arrived). There are also supplementary documents necessary when you apply at the Immigration Bureau. For more information about the Status of Residence, please refer to the General Information Handbook (GIH), Chapter 2 Section 5: Status of Residence (page 78).

If you have further questions, please contact one of the Prefectural Advisors.

Application for Change of Status of Residence (Temporary Visitor Reader Fillable)
This document is for leavers who wish to stay in Japan as a temporary visitor (i.e., those who are not re-contracting but wish to stay in Japan for a short while).

Application for Extension of Period of Stay (Reader Fillable)
This document is for stayers who will stay in Japan under their current residency status (i.e., those who are reappointed beyond the current period of stay).


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