Ask Ibaraki JET PAs #003


I am writing a resume for a future job and wanted to include my work as an ALT. How would you recommend I compose a detailed ‘job description’?


Answered by: Albert David

A general tip to remember is that when looking for job opportunities, keep the employer in mind. This goes for all aspects of job hunting. While some people may start the job hunt thinking about their needs, their wants, and their objectives, ultimately the decision to hire is in the employers’ hands.

With that in mind, when writing a résumé, think about to whom the résumé will go. If you are seeking work as a teacher, your wording will look very different if you are seeking work as a consultant. Creating lesson plans and grammar activities may not be as important as highlighting experiences working in a cross-cultural environment. That is to say, think about the potential employer and compose your job description in a way that would be best for them.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to write résumés. Consulting a career counselor/coach and setting up informational interviews may help you better tailor your job search materials the right way.

For more information about writing résumés for post-JET jobs and careers, the Akita JET community has put together some guides and useful links. You can visit their site here. Searching “after jet résumé” will also bring up a number of useful results.


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