Ask Ibaraki JET PAs #006


Is it possible to have a “what you do everyday” or “lesson exchange” with ALTs who have [a] similar combination [of] school levels?


Answered by: Emily

Yes! It can be really helpful to talk to other ALTs whose schools are at similar levels to your own. Sharing ideas makes everyone’s activities better, and people at similar school levels may have similar challenges with activity planning or in class. If you’re having trouble identifying other ALTs who have schools at similar levels to your own, the chart below may be helpful for you: Ibaraki School Rank List (Prefectural High Schools)

It is a list of the academic rankings of all the public high schools in Ibaraki prefecture. The ranks range from S to G (S is the highest, G is the lowest, and C/D is about mid-level). The table comes from data about how well students from each school scored on the high school entrance exam overall, so it doesn’t necessarily correspond to the students’ English level. School ranking also doesn’t equate to students’ attitudes (a lower ranked school may actually have nicer and more highly motivated students, and vice versa). That said, the table is a good way to get an idea of which schools are in the same “ballpark” as your own. You can look at the source website (in Japanese) here.

When you look at the chart, it’s a good idea to Ctrl+F your school name, because in a few cases certain departments within the same school have different academic rankings. We can’t post the names of the ALTs at each school for privacy reasons, but if you don’t know the placements of other ALTs in your area, you can always post an open question for your school rank on the Ibaraki JET or Ibaraki ☆ JETs Facebook group. In the past open questions on those pages have gotten a lot of good brainstorming, so even if you can’t contact or meet other ALTs personally, posting on one of the Facebook groups is a great way to get and share ideas!


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