New Guides Available: Advice from Ibaraki JETs

Hello, New JETs!

We’re sure many of you are anxiously awaiting more information from the Board of Education about your city, town, and schools. Placements are taking a little longer than anticipated, but in the meantime, the Ibaraki JET community has some advice to help prepare for your new life in Japan! We, the Ibaraki JET PAs, polled current Ibaraki JETs about things like packing suggestions, unwritten social rules, and what it was like to arrive in a foreign country in the middle of the summer. We’ve compiled the results into four General Advice Guides for you to look at while you wait for placement info.

We hope these guides will give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive in Japan, and help you get to know us a little better as well. Check out the links below!

General Advice – On PackingOn Arrival – Unwritten Rules

These guides are also available in the guides section of our blog. Enjoy!



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