Ask Ibaraki JET PAs #016


I would like a letter of recommendation for future employers. What is the best way to go about this?


Answered by: Cassi

Since you’ve spent at least a year here, it makes sense that your future employers would want a letter explaining your work in Japan. Recommendation letters are not a common component of job applications in Japan, so you’ll need to explain clearly to your recommender why you’ve chosen them and what kind of information you want in the letter. It’s a good idea to provide some sample letters and/or offer to have someone translate the letter if your recommender isn’t comfortable writing in English. Of course, just like you would at home, you should provide your recommender with the deadlines for the letter well in advance, and provide a resume or list of things you’ve done in Japan. More information can be found on page 24 of the Ibaraki Leavers’ Handbook, which is available in the guides section of this website!


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