Police: 110 / Fire and Ambulance: 119

For immediate emergencies, contact the appropriate authorities using the phone numbers above. To avoid delay, it may be best to have a Japanese-speaker make the call. In all cases, do not forget to provide the following information before hanging up: name, address, and phone number.

Embassy Registration

Whenever anyone is away from her/his home country, it is essential that s/he register with her/his country’s embassy. An embassy may be able to get information back to the home country the fastest when a natural disaster or emergency occurs. Visit the appropriate link below to register online.

Registrations should be updated prior to any overseas trip, including when returning home.


Emergency shelter sign.

Visit the following pages for more information about the corresponding disasters.

In the event of any type of evacuation, it is essential to have a “getaway kit” ready for all occasions. Please also contact one of the Prefectural Advisors and/or your Block Leader to update them about your situation.

2015 Joso Flood

In September 2015, western Ibaraki, particularly the city of Joso, was devastated by heavy rain and flooding caused by Tropical Storm Etau. You can read a personal recount by a JET living in Joso at the time of the disaster here.


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