Tsunami evacuation shelter sign.

A tsunami (津波), or tidal wave, is a risk after an earthquake occurs in coastal areas or in the middle of the ocean. A tsunami may also be caused by undersea landslides or other disturbances to the ocean floor. The resulting tsunamis after the Great East Japan Earthquake reached Ibaraki and nearby prefectures, causing severe damage and loss of life. If you hear a tsunami warning:

  • Turn on your radio and follow instructions.
  • Take your getaway kit if you are told to evacuate.
  • Leave the area quickly if you are on a beach or near a river.
  • Go as far inland and as high above sea level as possible.

Do not linger near low-lying coastal areas especially if you hear a tsunami warning or feel a large earthquake. Warnings are usually blasted on city-wide public address systems, on the radio, on television, and also on the Yahoo! Japan 津波情報 (Tsunami Information) page (Japanese only).


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