The Ibaraki Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (“Ibaraki AJET” or “iAJET”) is a prefectural chapter of National AJET, coordinating community-building events among JETs and non-JETs throughout Ibaraki. It is a volunteer community organization comprised of JET Programme participants (ALTs and CIRs) placed in Ibaraki Prefecture. iajet-logo

  • President: Kaylyn Kipper
  • Treasurer: Gloria Chen
  • Social Coordinators:  Jayc Stojanovic, Taryn Matthews
  • Media Coordinators: Linda Wang, Jotham Sadan
  • First-Year Representative: Gina Roitman

Please visit the official Current Ibaraki☆JETs Facebook group or the Unofficial Ibaraki JETs Facebook group to contact current or former Ibaraki JETs. The IAJET e-mail is ibaraki@ajet.net.

Also, make sure to add Ibaraki Chan on Facebook. We use this profile to notify current JETs about upcoming AJET events.

The Natto News

IAJET releases a seasonal newsletter called The Natto News which highlights different events in Ibaraki and includes recommendations from current JET’s. We are always looking for submissions of any nature to add to future issues, from articles to art. Please send all submissions or newsletter sign-up requests to ibaraki@ajet.net.