This page contains information on lesson plans as well as the various annual ALT training events.


  1. Lesson Plans
  2. Events

Lesson Plans

We operate a Trello, a collaborative cloud site similar to Google drive, in order to easily share lesson plans among Ibaraki ALTs. It’s stuffed full of categorized and collated lesson plans, covering grammar to games to Eiken materials. Download successful lesson plans from other ALTs or add your own. Remember, good teachers borrow, great teachers steal!

In order to use the Trello, you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Create an account. If you use this link, we’ll gain a free month of Trello premium which increases the file size that can be uploaded. Free Trello still works plenty fine however.
  2.  Message the IAJET email at ibaraki@ajet.net with your account information. We’ll get you added to the site.

Other lesson plan sites

These sites are dated, but if you have time you can mine them for lesson plans or ideas.

MES English

Boggles World



Each year there will be three annual ALT meetings, one orientation meeting in August for newcomers, and a Skills Development Conference in November.

Annual ALT meetings

These meetings will take place over the course of a single work day. The contents of each meeting will vary and depend upon who volunteers to give presentations. Expect lesson plan demonstrations, cultural exchange, or guides on how to better interact with your students, your coworkers, or your community at large.

Remember, despite these having a more casual atmosphere compared to your office, you are still on the clock and working. Dress appropriately, be professional, and act as you would were you in your teacher’s room.

The meetings will always take place at the Mito Lifelong Study Center (水戸生涯学習センター) from 10:00-15:30. The address is 1-5-38 Sannomaru Mito-shi (1-5-38三ノ丸水戸市).

To get there from the station, simply walk from the north exit and take the first major right turn. It’ll be across the street from a 7/11 as seen in the map above.

The dates for 2017 are as follows:

  • May 18th: Training for team teaching, practical report, details for leaving Japan and recontracting ALTs.
  • September 14th: Training for team teaching, practical report, general information for new ALTs, preparation for Skill Development Conference
  • January 26th: Training for team teaching, practical report, details for recontracting ALTs

Newcomer’s orientation

There will be one orientation meeting in August for incoming Ibaraki JETs. This will take place at the Ibaraki Prefectural Office (茨城県庁).

Unlike the Lifelong Learning Center, unless you have a car, you’ll probably need to take the bus. In order to get to the orientation on time, you can take the 9:15 bus from the Mito train station at the latest. The bus leaves from bus stop number 3.

Here is the full bus schedule from the station to the prefectural office, and back.


More information can be found on page 64 of the Orientation Handbook.

Skills Development Conference (SDC)

The SDC is an annual conference with all of the Ibaraki ALTs (prefectural and municipal) and JTEs from available Ibaraki Public SchoolsAll prefectural ALTs attend the conference as a pair with a JTE representative from one of their schools.

Remember, this is a suit and tie event. Dress appropriately, and as always, act professional.

At the SDC, the ALTs and JTEs will be split into six groups — four groups for Prefectural (senior high school) ALTs/JTEs, one group for Junior High ALTs/JTEs, and one big group for Elementary School ALTs.

The basic schedule of events is as follows:


  • Keynote Speech (Guest Speaker)


  • Workshop I: Ice Breaker
    • Ice breaker will better acquaint all the ALTs and JTEs with one another
  • Workshop II: Team-Teaching Presentations
    • Speaker will present on a topic related to team teaching for about 10 minutes. Remaining 20 minutes will be dedicated to discussion directed by the moderator.
  • Workshop III: Small Group Discussions
    • Prefectural ALTs: Small groups will be created, and each small group will discuss questions created at the September ALT meeting.
    • Non-Prefectural ALTs: No small groups, the entire group as a whole will discuss the previously created questions
  • Workshop IV: Team-Teaching Lesson Demonstrations
    • Two ALTs will demonstrate a team-teaching lesson plan with their respective JTE. Half of the time will be demonstration, half will be questions and comments about the lesson.

Each ALT will be assigned a role to perform at the meeting: workshop moderator, speaker/demonstrator, or reporter. These roles will be assigned at the September ALT meeting.

The skills development conference will take place at the Ibaraki Teacher Training Center in Kasama (茨城県教育研修センター).

Other events

World Cultural Seminar

The World Culture Seminar (WCS) is a twice-annual 10 week seminar run by the Ibaraki International Association. The seminar is held twice a week at the Ibaraki International Association in Mito, on selected Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Each session runs for two hours and includes a presentation in English by a guest speaker from a foreign country and group activities such as discussions and games. While the majority of seminar participants are Japanese, foreigners are more than welcome to attend and join in on the discussions.  Past presentation topics have included:

  • Iranian cinema
  • Halloween
  • The British Monarchy
  • Brain Drain
  • The Three Branches of the American Government
  • Couch Surfing
  • F1 & WRC
  • Welsh History and Culture
  • South African History and Culture
  • Women’s Rights in Costa Rica
  • The Perception of Tattoos Throughout the World
  • Contemporary Chinese history
  • Racism
  • Working on a Cruise Ship

If you’re interested, contact Ludovic De Pinho at the Ibaraki International Association.