Skills Development Conference


What is it?

The ALT Skills Development Conference (SDC) is an annual conference with all of the Ibaraki JET Programme ALTs (prefectural and municipal) and JTE from available Ibaraki Public Schoolss. All prefectural ALTs attend the conference as a pair with a JTE representative from one of their schools*

*Since the SDC is organized by the Prefectural BOE private and municipal ALTs may not be able attend as a pair with a teacher from their school. Discuss this with your BOE to prevent confusion.

When and where is it?

Friday, November 19th at the Ibaraki Teacher Training Center in Kasama.

What happens?

At the SDC, the ALTs and JTEs will be split into six groups — four groups for Prefectural (senior high school) ALTs/JTEs, one group for Junior High ALTs/JTEs, and one big group for Elementary School ALTs. The basic schedule of events is as follows:


  • Keynote Speech (Guest Speaker)


  • Workshop I: Ice Breaker
  • Workshop II: Team-Teaching Presentations
  • Workshop III: Small Group Discussions
  • Workshop IV: Team-Teaching Lesson Demonstrations
Each ALT will be assigned a role (or two) as either a Moderator, a Speaker/Demonstrator, and/or a Reporter for one or two of the workshops (I~IV) in their group. [One ALT will also be assigned as a reporter for the Keynote speech.]

About Groups

Each group will consist of 10 ALTs and 10 JTEs*. At the Autumn ALT Meeting (on 09.11), each group will assign roles to the group members. There is a total of 12 roles* distributed among the 10 ALTs.
  • Workshop I: 1 Speaker (to lead an ice breaker)
  • Workshop II: 1 Moderator, 1 Speaker, 1 Reporter
  • Workshop III: 2 Moderators*, 2 Reporters*
  • Workshop IV: 1 Moderator, 2 Demonstrators, 1 Reporter

*Numbers may vary slightly for non-prefectural groups. See “Workshop III” for details.

About Workshops

Workshop I:
  • The Speaker/Moderator must do an ice breaker to acquaint all of the 10 ALTs and 10 JTEs with each other. This is to make everyone comfortable with sharing their opinions throughout the day.
Workshop II:
  • The ALT Speaker will talk/present about a topic related to team teaching. The presentation is usually only about 10 minutes, with the remaining 20 minutes for discussion and questions about the Speaker’s topic. There will also be a JTE Speaker who will do the same (10 minutes presentation, 20 minutes discussion).
  • The presentations and discussions will be directed by the Moderator. Meeting minutes and a summary of the presentations and discussions must be compiled by the Reporter. The Speaker must also prepare a copy of their speech or a run-down of their topic.

Workshop III (For Prefectural ALTs):

  • The 20 members of the group will be split into two smaller groups of 10 [small groups (a) and (b), 5 ALTs + 5 JTEs each]. Each small group will discuss questions* written by the ALTs and initially answered by one JTE for each question.
    • Small group (a) will be led by a Moderator (a) and recorded by a Reporter (a).
    • Small group (b) will be led by a Moderator (b) and recorded by a Reporter (b).

Workshop III (For Non-Prefectural ALTs):

  • The members of the group will not split into smaller groups during workshop III. The whole group will discuss questions* written by the ALTs and initially answered by one JTE for each question. Then the whole group will discuss the questions together.
    • The workshop will be led by ONE Moderator and recorded by ONE Reporter.

Workshop IV:

  • Two ALT Demonstrators will do two team-teaching lesson demonstrations with their respective JTE in attendance. The first half of the workshop will be dedicated to one demonstration, and the second half to the other. Each half should allow time for questions and comments about the lesson.
  • The demonstrations will be introduced and comments will be solicited by the Moderator. A summary of the demonstrations and following discussions will be compiled by the Reporter.

About Questions (for Workshop III)

At the Autumn ALT Meeting (on 09.11), each group will be tasked with writing ten (10) questions for the attending JTEs to answer. If you have anything you wish to ask the JTEs during the conference, please start thinking of your questions now. It is suggested that ALTs ask difficult and open-ended questions. Here is a copy of questions asked at the ALT SDC 2013.


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